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So What Our Customers Have to Say

SquashCom-Adv Devices Inc. has many happy customers around the globe.  Below are what some of our satisfied customers have to say about the Footworker-Pro:

“The Footworker-Pro is a useful tool for any coach or athlete.  The variance of speed, options, the ability to isolate certain areas of the court are fantastic.  I highly recommend the Footworker-Pro to anyone who is wanting to get an extra edge on the court as a player and as a coach”

– Shauna Flath, Squash Professional, Jericho Tennis Club, Vancouver, Senior Women’s and Espoir National Coach

“The Footworker-Pro is a great new tool for coaches and a fun way for players to improve their game.”– Kathy Lundmark, Level IV coach, author, former Canadian andworld masters champion, and retired squash professional.

“The Footworker-Pro is an excellent tool for training both beginners and the advance player. I use it for the Newfoundland Canada Games Squash Team. It allows the players to focus on efficient movement on the court, plus it helps with fitness.”

– Barbara Murphy, Level 3 Coach, 2003 Newfoundland Canada Winter Games Squash Coach.”

Squash“It’s awesome!It is to footwork as the ball machine is to shot making. An excellent way of introducing and improving your court movement for all levels. Used in all of my camps and used as a testing standard for the Canadian Junior Women’s squads, I highly recommend this as part of your individual or group training sessions.”   – Glenn Stark, Level IV Coach, Squash Professional, Glencoe Club, Calgary, Junior National Women’s Team Coach.”

“This device will force you to do the 15, 20, to 35 rallies at a high speed just like a real squash game.  The workout is terrific because it puts you under stress and gives you the same kind of timings as in a tough squash game.”

– Dr. David Behm, Professor of Human Kinetics, Memorial University, former squash professional and Newfoundland Champion.”

“The Footworker-Pro is a highly effective conditioning tool. It can be used for increasing an athlete’s stamina, quickness, and reaction time, all in a single training session“. – Jeremy Butt, B.Kin, MSc., C.S.C.S., recreational squash player and Director of Strength and  Conditioning, La Salle College High School, and formerAssistant Director of Sports Conditioning, Yale University.”

“The Footworker-Pro has added a new dimension to our training sessions – making the ghosting routines more enjoyable and challenging. Our beginners are using the Footworkers to get to grips with the movement patterns and the advanced players use the Footworker-Pro for a fitness session or a ghosting session. Guided by the lights and including the different levels all players can make use of this equipment to improve their movement as well as co-ordination on court.   Highly recommended for beginner to advanced players. Leonard and his team have been very creative in getting the Footworkers to South Africa and some of them have travelled half way around the world before getting to SA  – but have all landed in perfect working order  – press the buttons and away we go. We have 4 Footworkers running at our venue and will definitely be investing in more soon”.

– Liz Mackenzie, TuksSquash Head Coach, University of Pretoria, South Africa.”

Footworker-Pro sample client list :

Alberta Provincial Coach, Canadian National Junior Men’s Coach, Canadian National Junior Women’s Coach, Canadian National Senior Women’s Coach, Squash Yukon, Squash NWT, Squash Newfoundland, Squash PEI, Victoria Institute of Sports (Australia), South Australia Squash Academy, Squash Waikato, Squash New Zealand, Squash RSA, Princeton University, Swedish National Junior Coach, Squash coaches and players in USA, India, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, United Kingdom, Spain, and various provinces of Canada.  It is also used by David Palmer the 2-time World and 4-time British Open Champion.