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Footworker Pro A High Tech Footwork Training Device for Squash Players and Coaches

Footworker Pro

Footworker Pro

The Footworker Pro is a unique, micro-processor controlled device designed to improve both footwork and fitness for serious squash players. The Footworker Pro adds a new dimension to “ghosting” routines used in squash training.  It is currently used in over 13 countries by both professional coaches and players including several national coaches and world class players. Read More..


DOE-GolferTM – A golfing toy for teaching design of experiments concept



The DOE-GolferTM provides a fun way for both students and professionals to learn about design of experiment concepts. It has been featured in a book: RSM Simplified by Mark Anderson and Pat Whitcomb (2005).  The DOE-GolferTM is currently used by major corporations such as John Deere, Bell-Canada, Sanofi-Pasteur, Pratt-Whitney, Eastman Chemicals, etc. for Six-Sigma training. Read More..

DOE-SIM Pro app


This DOE-SIM Pro app (available on Apple App Store) contains 10 experiment simulators of multi-factored processes that can be used for conducting various experiments to assist in teaching design of experiments (DOE) principles, a key component of Six-Sigma. These simulators can be used in several ways. It can be used by the instructor to generate data from one of the process based on a certain experimental design. Used this way, the student would analyze the data given, develop the appropriate model, and report on the findings. Read More..